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  • Preah Vihear/Borkor Mount
  • Busra Water Fall/Kirirom
  • Phnom Penh City
  • Floating Village on Tonle Sap
  • Bird Sanctuary, Prek Tol
  • Thansur Bokor Highland Resort
  • SihanoukVille View
  • Water Front of Royal Palace
  • Koh Kong, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge
  • Angkor Wat - Cambodia
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Cambodia Angkor Travel welcomes every your question, suggestion, and feedback on what we are doing. Please kindly direct your special enquiry to our appropriate contact address below. We appreciate your interest, and look forward to hearing from you at your convenient time. Here, we always offer the best quality tours; professional, friendly service and reasonable price are our first priorities. Prepare To Be Amazed!!

These people are so important to participating in flourishing our present and future work. Without these people we do not have any good feedback or comment that can mirror our work. They so important to our work.

Marianne Katheder
Fabulous Guide in Cambodia
Name: Sir/Mad.Marianne Katheder, From: Switzerland,Date:21-Dec-2014
Dear Mr. Tat Sorry for my late answer. But I had a very busy week in the office. Regarding the recommendation about you and your work please note that we had to fill in a form given by Diethelm (in writing by hand, no electronic message). My saying (in the form and on occasion of a visit to Mr. Ma Onn Ratanak, reservation manager at Diethelm Travel in Phnom Penh) has been more or less as follows: ”We appreciated Mr. Tat very much. His work as well as his nature. He is very professional in doing his job as a tour guide. Considerate, cautious and anxious about the wellbeing of his clients as well as helpful and friendly. Mr. Tat possesses huge knowledge about the past (history, architecture). But he knows as well Cambodia of today. Means politics, economy, people and much more. He has great love for for his country but also its people. That is why we learned much more about Cambodia than facts and figures. Over all we had a great time together and we are looking forward to meet Mr. Tat once again.” Best regards (also by Marianne) Bruno Katheder    
Chris Lawrence & Mo Wash.
Great guide in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Name: Mr/Mrs..Chris Lawrence & Mo Wash., From: Switzerland,Date:03-Mar-2015
Dear Mr. Tat, Yes we are both well, thank you for asking. I would just like to thank you for all the attention you gave us during our very enjoyable stay in Siem Reap. We still are filled with wonder at the beautiful temples and the associated history that was brought to life by the information passed on by you. Hoping you and your family are all well. Thanking you once again. Best Regards, Chris Lawrence & Mo Wash.  
Mr/Mrs. Henning & Sonja Jacobsen
Excellent guide & great humanity work!
Name: Mr/Mrs..Mr/Mrs. Henning & Sonja Jacobsen, From: Denmark & Spain,Date:27-Jan-2012
Dear Mr. Tat,  You were our local-guide last week, when we visited your country - we were with Jesper (Albatros travel), and Jesper visited your school - We are the couple from Spain, and we have told our family about your project. We think that you do a fantastic work, and we would like to send you some money to help the children, so please send your bank-account, and we will transfer the money to you. We will never forget your knowledge about everything and we look forward to hear from you. We also think that our grandchildren will think that, there is another world, when we show them the pictures from your country. Best regards to you, Henning & Sonja Jacobsen (Denmark and Spain)  
Sir/Mad. Ronald Lakatos & Carmen
Best wishes for good work!
Name: Sir/Mad..Sir/Mad. Ronald Lakatos & Carmen, From: France,Date:21-Aug-2014
Dear Mr. Tat Sorry for this late response. Carmen and I hope that you, your staff and the children are fine. We were very happy to see the great work you’ve achieved; the floor of the computer room, the library and the office looks really great. You’ve really done a great job. I have transmitted the pictures to the actual staff of the Kiwanis Saint-Louis Regio; a new staff with a new president has been elected for 2014/2015 and the transfer of competences will take place in September. A new president and his staff are elected every year. Since Carmen and I are going to visit our son in Beijing with my parents in law during the last two weeks of September (9.11/9.25), I won’t be present at the meeting with transfer of competences. Nevertheless, as soon as we’ll be back from China, I will submit a new demand of sponsoring of your school to the new commission of donations, and I am very confident that I’ll receive a positive answer from its members. That means that we might be able to send you some money, the amount of which remains to be defined, by the end of October or in November. Since then, we wish you, the staff and the children all the best and great success in the accomplishment of your tasks and projects. Take care. Carmen & Ronald.   
Ms. Layla Mandi
We are glad to help your work
Name: Ms..Ms. Layla Mandi, From: Canada,Date:15-Dec-2011
Dear Tarth & Colleagues,  Yes everything is fine with me and my family and work. We were happy to contribute both our time and money to supporting your project. I have sent your email/website to many of my friends and hope they donate. I do not have the means at the moment to support you more but in the future I will. I wish you much success and pray for you to continue your charity work in Cambodia. God blesses you all. Take a good care! Layla Mandi,    
Dr. Steve Sanderson / Dr. Penny Sanderson
Great Job!
Name: DR..Dr. Steve Sanderson / Dr. Penny Sanderson, From: USA,Date:04-May-2014
Hello Our Friend, Thank you very much for your kind note. We are so grateful to you for the work you do. You are a very busy and dedicated man. The Certificate is lovely and the pictures are wonderful. You, the children, and all of the wonderful Cambodian people are in our hearts and prayers. We look forward to assisting you more.... you can be certain of that. Best of health and happiness, Your friends, Steven & Penny Sanderson   

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Dear Mr. Tat Sorry for my late answer. But I had a very busy week in the office. Regarding the recommendation ...
Dear Mr. Tat, Yes we are both well, thank you for asking. I would just like to thank you for all the attention you ...
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